About CannSynthesis®

CannSynthesis® is the world’s only patent-protected biocatalytic process for the production of rare cannabinoids from bench to cGMP commercial scale. It utilizes a modular approach for bioreactions to produce specific rare cannabinoids at high titer and purity with high efficiency and speed.  The biocatalytic process is complemented with a variety of proprietary chemical transformations to convert the biologically-derived cannabinoids into other rare cannabinoids. Today, this platform allows for Teewinot to deliver the widest and most diverse range of cannabinoids for the growing market demand.    

Drug Discovery and Development

In addition to producing THC, CBD and rare cannabinoids for consumer use, Teewinot is developing a library of cannabinoid analogs and cannabinoid-derived new chemical entities (NCEs). The NCE Library is an ever-expanding inventory of rare cannabinoid derivative families designed for high-throughput drug screening. These compounds are being screened, annotated, and advanced through the typical clinical development and FDA prescriptive drug approval process.

Cannabinoid Portfolio