Advancing medical research and product development

Teewinot Life Sciences is a global biopharmaceutical company focused on the biosynthetic production of pure pharmaceutical grade cannabinoids. Teewinot has developed patent protected processes for production of pure cannabinoids by means of biocatalysis and synthetic biology. Teewinot has also developed patent protected cannabinoid formulation technology all with the goal of improving human therapies. Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, Teewinot manufactures and licenses technology to make cost-effective and pharmaceutically pure cannabinoids. We are an industry leader in support of advancing medical research and product development. Teewinot’s global technology and intellectual property represent a breakthrough in the creation and delivery of cannabinoid-based medicines.

Teewinot Strengths



Unlocking the medicinal properties of compounds found within the Cannabis plant



Disciplined approach to research and development with targeted applications



With research institutions, consumer product companies, manufacturers and our local communities

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Patented Technology

Teewinot and its wholly owned subsidiaries have developed a variety of products and services that rely on a powerful array of technologies for the efficient and cost-effective production of authentic cannabinoids, cannabinoid pro-drugs and cannabinoid analogs. By combining synthetic biology, biocatalysis, chemical synthesis, bioinformatics and metabolomics, authentic cannabinoids are produced that have the identical chemical structure of cannabinoids found in the Cannabis plant. These same technologies are also used to create novel and proprietary compounds, including cannabinoid pro-drugs and cannabinoid analogs.

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Meet the Teewinot Team

The people behind Teewinot

Teewinot has assembled a veteran management team with demonstrated success in pharmaceutical development, nutraceutical product development, marketing, supply chain management and after-market support.

Jeffrey S. Mathiesen, CPA

Chief Financial Officer, Teewinot Life Sciences

Steve Orndorff Ph.D.

Chief Operating Officer, Teewinot Life Sciences
President & CEO, Canalis Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Michael A. Luther Ph.D., MBA

President & CEO, Teewinot Life Sciences

Dr. Malcolm Kavarana

Chief Scientific Officer & Senior Director Intellectual Property, Teewinot Life Sciences

Eric A. Walker

Chief Information Officer, Teewinot Life Sciences

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